Deb Schwartz

Deb Schwartz is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, Lifehacker, The Cut, and Architectural Digest. In this issue of Beyond she investigates the latest family travel trends, from wedding vacations to mini-Grand Tours. But where would she most like to visit? “My travel bucket list includes spots that are hot, dry, and sunny (the Grand Canyon), temperate (Eiheiji Zen monastery in Fukui, Japan), and very, very dark (the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve in South West Ireland).”

Reggie Nadelson

In this issue of Beyond, New York native Reggie Nadelson sings the praises of a seminal Harlem jazz club: the spiritual home of bebop, Minton’s Playhouse. Aside from her work for Departures, Vogue and Condé Nast Traveler, Reggie has written a series of crime novels featuring private eye Artie Cohen, while her new book, At Balthazar: The New York Brasserie at the Center of the World, celebrates 20 years of the famous Manhattan restaurant. “I’d love to visit Antarctica,” she tells us. “It has such a romance, and I hate the summer heat in NYC.”

Daven Wu

After eight years as a commercial lawyer, Daven Wu decided to embark on a career in journalism. He now writes for Monocle, Time, Robb Report and Travel + Leisure, and he’s Wallpaper* magazine’s Singapore editor – making him the perfect person to guide us through his country’s transformation from mudflats to metropolis, on page 30. This autumn he’ll check off a lifelong dream: “I’ll be sailing up the Mekong River with celebrity chef David Thompson, before heading to Bali for a few spiritual healing lessons.”

Philip Gay

Fashion photographer Philip Gay took to the slopes of The St. Regis Deer Valley Resort for this issue’s fashion shoot on page 54. “I’m keen to visit New Zealand and Peru,” he says of his own travel bucket list. “But I’d also love to climb a few mountains in the Scottish Highlands.” Philip lives between Paris and New York, working for a number of leading brands and magazines – he recently completed campaigns for Timberland and Marc Jacobs, as well as shooting portraits of Isabelle Huppert and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cassandre Montoriol

Paris-based artist Cassandre Montoriol illustrated the recommendations in this issue’s “A Little Place I Know” on page 41. Her expressive gouache drawings are reminiscent of travel diaries, fashion illustration and textile design, and have found favor with leading publications such as Vanity Fair, W Magazine and Marie Claire. Where is she yet to check off? “Japan. I love everything about it – their culture, movies, graphic design, not to mention the country itself. Oh, and New Zealand too, purely for the wild landscapes.

Matt Munday

When he’s not busy rooting out rare vinyl records from obscure corners of the internet, Matt Munday writes about music, travel, business and culture for titles such as The Sunday Times, The Observer and His bucket list destination? “Definitely Bali,” he says. “I’ve spent a couple of days there with work and fell in love with the beauty and mystery of the place. I really want to go back with my family to experience it in full.” For this issue, Matt met jazz star and Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste.