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Donna Karan

“I went a few summers ago to the Omo Delta. It’s one of the last great tribal areas of Ethiopia, where we met incredible people, known for their body adornment, who had amazing graphic body paint and enormous lip plates.” But it is the bedroom of her apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park that the fashion designer says is “the most fabulous place on earth”.

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Brigitte Lacombe

New-York-based photographer Lacombe now “feels like a traveler” when she returns to her native Paris. She roams the world for work, and for pleasure, she says, especially to cities: “Auckland, Cairo, Chicago… I just love to travel.” For this issue she photographed celebrated New York art collector Peter Brant. She has shot for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine.

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Jeffrey Podolsky

“For me, Venice is a perennial favorite,” says Podolsky, a New Yorker. “There’s nothing more romantic than happily (and hopelessly) getting lost at night with someone else on your arm. Come summer, I’m just like a fish. The
Adriatic just rejuvenates me.” The next stop is Goa, says Jeffrey, who has written for T Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Vanity Fair.

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Hiroji Kubota

A veteran member of the celebrated Magnum photographic agency, Hiroji Kubota is renowned for his images of the Far East. In this
issue he sets out from Osaka in the footsteps of Sadayakko, the geisha thought to be the real Madame Butterfly. His own favorite trip? To Nara, Japan’s ancient capital, which has “many shrines and temples, but not many visitors”.

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Tina Gaudoin

“I love flying into any Southeast Asian city at night – the moment when the aircraft doors open and that first waft of hot, humid air hits you,” says Tina Gaudoin, who in this issue identifies the new tribes of luxury travelers. Having launched WSJ Magazine in New York, where she also worked on Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Gaudoin now lives in London and writes on style.

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Lesley Downer

“One of my most memorable trips was to Kagoshima in the deep south of Japan, where I soaked in a hot spring on a live volcano.” The author and presenter lived in Japan for five years and spent six months in the geisha community of Miyagawa-cho in Kyoto. She is the author of Madame Sadayakko: the Geisha Who Seduced the West. Her latest novel is the The Samurai’s Daughter.